LPJS Millfield Sabre
Entries to date - Boys U13

# Name Club LPJS Rank Country
1 Jacob Barr PDFA
2 William Berrien Truro Fencing Club
3 Henry Burdge Bridport Fencing Club
5 Bob Childs Russell Swords
6 George Clifton Shakespeare's Swords
7 Oliver Coombe Millfield
8 Innes Diggens-Wilson PDFA
9 William Dunstan Taunton Deane Blades
10 Oakley Francart Guernsey fencing academy
11 felix groves Cardiff Academy of fencing
12 oscar groves Cardiff Academy of fencing
13 Yoji Hiyama Shakespeare's Swords
14 Oscar Hormbrey Stort Valley Sabre Club
15 Ben Hughes Taunton Deane Blades
16 Ralph Ireland Shakespeare's Swords
17 Aum Khurana TMFC Sabre
18 Alistair Mcleod MX Fencing
19 Hamish Metcalfe Bath Sword Club
20 Reuben Montgomery Guernsey Fencing Academy
21 Arseniy Orekhov Millfield
22 Henry Pick Shakespeare's Swords
23 Rhidian Rawlings Russell Swords
24 Ed Rose Millfield
25 Lachie Sawrey-Cookson Millfield
26 Adiy Siddiq Whitgift School
27 Rhys Tombs Shakespeare's Swords
28 Rhys Vosper Bath Sword Club
29 Jacob Wahl-Byde Russell Swords
30 Tom Woodcock Shakespeare's Swords