Brixton Team Epee
Saturday 26th November 2016

Venue: Enter this competition via the link in Extra Information

Whitgift School
Haling Park
South Croydon
Greater London
Format: Format will depend on the number of applications but would be expected to consist of one round of pools to 45; followed by direct elimination.
Entry Fee: £75.00
Closing Date: Sunday 20th November 2016
Last date for entry: Sunday 20th November 2016
Refreshments: Cafe on site
Prizes: Medals for top 4 teams
Transport: Information
Parking: Free parking in school grounds
Equipment: none
Extra Information:


One of Brixton Fencings favourite events, the Wimbledon Team was discontinued two years ago. This left a gap for a fun and friendly competition towards the end of the Autumn Term which would help new fencers to experience competition for the first time (especially those who started fencing at the beginning of the academic year) and experienced fencers to enjoy a team event away from the pressures of competing for ranking points.

Like Wimbledon, we will concentrate on providing a fun and enjoyable experience for all fencers.

Teams of three or four (mixed teams are fine)

Cost per team: £75 Or enter individuals at £25 and we will assign you to a team.

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