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LPJS Fencers Passport

The Leon Paul Junior Series Fencer Passport is a great way for fencers to keep a physical record of their LPJS career. Every fencer who creates a LPJS Profile on the website will be sent a passport free of charge. When we post your passport we will also update your profile with your unique LPJS passport serial number, so you will know it is on its way! Once the passport arrives, you should fill out the personal data page with your details.


There is lots of useful & important information in the passport which you can reference quickly including:

  • Blade sizes for the different age groups
  • The number of hits & time periods for different age groups
  • How the LPJS rankings work
  • A guide to the refereeing hand signals you will see at competitions
  • A page to collect the autographs of your favourite fencers
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    LPJS Career Record

    A great feature of the LPJS Fencers Passport is that you can keep a physical record of the LPJS competitions you attend throughout your career. You can do this by filling out the page shown below.

    When you complete an event, regardless of your result, get your passport validated with a stamp or signature from the competition organisers. Simply fill in the name of the competition, the date and your age. The tick the weapon and write down your finishing position. You can then work out the number of points you will get from the table below, don't worry, the table is also in you Passport so you don't have to keep returning to this website!


    Once you have done all that, hand the passport to the competition organiser who will validate your passport with a stamp or signature from the competition. It is important that you fill out all the details yourself as the competition organiser will be too busy fill out it our for you along with 200 other passports on the day!

    At the end of each year you can fill out the rankings page shown on the right. You only use the points from your best 4 results during the season to make your points total. If you have entered more than 4 competitions in the year you ignore the lowest scoring events. If you are unsure which are your best 4 results and to find out your ranking take a look at the Ranking section of the LPJS website.

    If you fill up your original LPJS passport with accreditations, just send it back to Leon Paul and - free of charge - you will be sent another one with lots more space (along with your original passport). If you lose your passport, you can buy a replacement from the Leon Paul website.



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