Login or create a Leon Paul Junior Series account

What's a LPJS Account?

Your LPJS account is safe and simple way of storing the information required to enter LPJS competitions. It also allows you to create your personal LPJS online profile.

Do I need a LPJS Account?

No, you can enter LPJS competitions through this website as a 'guest'.

Whats a does an LPJS Account give me?

An account will permit your competition entry to be done with just a few 'clicks'. You will also have a profile page showing your previous results and current ranking along with a list of saved competitions you were thinking of entering. You can also personalise your account by uploading a photo. You can choose to have your profile visible so other fencers and your friends can see your results and ranking or you can hide your profile page. Finally, but certainly not least of all, by creating an account you will be sent a LPJS Passport free of charge.